Although care and love are the foundation of any great relationship, it doesn’t totally mean just love and care is enough for long lasting real. In order to have a healthy relationship that last longer, both the people have to be willing to work on it with dedication. Below you’ll find few ways to keep your relationship strong.

Engage in lots of eye gazing

Naturally, most of the new couple follow this more, but don’t stop this powerful relationship behavior just because your relationship has going on. This is one of the best ways to enhance your love and also to increase your feelings to each other.

Grow together

It is very important to get matured as a couple and you can make it by helping each other and by spending time with each other. If you can’t make this one in your relationship, then it will not last.

Be a good teammate

Being in a relationship is a 2 person job.  If you need your relationship to last longer, then you cannot expect your partner solely to do all of the work.  Even for housework, help your partner as it can work emotionally and mentally.  It’s a two-way street, and if it’s only running one way, it’s not going to last. In Concrete Pumping service for instance getting their aid can get the construction easy, fast and efficiently. 


Everybody makes mistakes and it’s part of life. If you care the person you love, then the first thing you have to do is to forgive their faults. Having grudge or planning to have a revenge can damage the relation to the core and can be toxic to the love.

Let your partner know what you love

Making you happy would make the partner to feel happy and also many studies proved that sexual orgasm of one can increases the pleasure of the other partner. So whether it is sex any other, make your partner what you like.

Enhance your love with sexual novelty

If things go on routine and boredom and if there is no such hormonal reaction with each other, better have some novelty kind of things that could make your love making more thrilling.

Reciprocal dedication

Most of the people marry to have a lasting relationship but get broken just within few days of their marriage. So before getting in to relationship, it’s better to talk with your partner and learn their commitments. Ask them do they believe in deal breakers? If yes, them what are they? If you wish to have lasting relationship, then it have to be motto of your partner also and it could be possible only if both of you works on it.

Do some things edgy

If you can increase the heart rate of your partner, then you can increase their excitement and can develop more strong feelings for you. Trying a roller coaster or going to parcelling that make a feel of touch of danger can make your loved one to fall more deeply in love with you.