Dating should be fun, not stressful. An important key to avoid stress is communication. The attraction should be there at the start, for the two of you, and usually becomes serious over a few dates. The relationship becomes stronger over time as you get to know each other and by using some communication tips to help.

#1: You might have had met at a dating agency, dating website or at a forum, so you most likely already have something in common with each other to meet. Now is the opportunity to meet the other individual in the flesh, but you will need to find some common ground between you and your date, like the interests you previously found in each other. People like people who are interested in what we are interested in.

Find out what your dates interests/hobbies, and what they do in there spare time just by asking. Then a list of possible conversations will follow, but the most important thing is to listen and find something that you also like and want to talk about. This way you are actually interested in the conversation and this avoids both of you from being bored.

#2: Even if your date is serious there is a good chance that they still like to laugh. Having a few laughs should be a main goal in any dating scene it helps to lessen the stress and allows an opportunity to create jokes between each other, making the relationship stronger.

#3: Do not get too personal until the relationship gets more serious. Getting emotional will make you seem desperate. This will result in feeling like you gave it all but did not get anything back in return. Making future dates awkward.

#4: Your body sends more signals of how you feel to other people than the words that you speak. Some body signals will tell others that you are not interested such as having your legs and/or arms crossed it also shows that you are not an interesting individual. Also don’t get to close as invading someone’s private bubble is not a good start. A lot of these signals are sent subconsciously and you could give the wrong signal away to someone that is interested in you and vise versa. Just relax be yourself, you both chose to be together at this moment.

Just remember that dating is supposed to be a fun time. And these tips should help take some stress out of the first dates.